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Quiz: The Challenge of Júcar. A new format where brands take precedence

On October 26th a very special event held in Valencia. The Designation of Origin Ribera del Júcar wanted to approach professionals and end users Valencia as important today in the wine industry with a new and attractive presentation of hand.

But before going into details, make a small review.

The area:

The Designation of Origin Ribera del Júcar consists of vineyards located in the municipalities of: Casas de Benitez, Fernando Alonso Houses, Casas de Guijarro, Casas de Haro, El Picazo, Pozoamargo and Sisante, all of the province of Cuenca.

The origins:
The Designation of Origin Ribera del Júcar was created as a joint initiative of a group of co-processing of wine and private wineries in the province of Cuenca to actively collaborate in the production and marketing of quality wines. To do this, these wineries have made great efforts to invest in new technologies to produce high quality wines and wine producers in the conversion of vineyards in varieties improvers. This young D.O. was established in 2003 and has an area of ​​over nine thousand acres of vineyards
After 6 years of marketing their wines under those parameters of quality, it was time to make themselves known to a demanding and understood as Valencian, the natural market for the wines of the Appellation of Origin, given its proximity and potential.

So the event was held at the Hotel Astoria in Valencia, which also turned to the event and showed great professionalism.

The original proposal called QUIZ: The Challenge of Júcar.

This idea sought to value brands of wines and wineries with an attractive game where all participants had to answer a series of questions in each of the tables were arranged in the halls of the hotel. Every winemaker thus interacted with the audience, creating an important link through the wine. At the end also proposed a blind tasting of three wines.

All those who answered questions correctly were presented with a bottle of wine from the appellation. Plus, attendees participate in a drawing for a wine brand The sommelier, who unconditionally supported the event, 35 bottles filled with wines from the wineries present.

The winner of the Wine will say publicly Forum next week.

Participants were able to remember and store brands of wines, and learn analytical characteristics of these profiles, tasting, wine production data ... All this in a relaxed and teaching that was applauded by the public and participating wineries.

The President of the Denomination of Origin, Javier Prosper, was very satisfied with the outcome of this pioneering initiative: "It was a very positive experience for everyone. Our main objective has been met, and that is to get as close as possible to the wine professionals and, above all, the fans in this sector have begun to be initiated through courses, tastings, and have wanted, with our Quiz: The Challenge of Ribera del Júcar, learn more and enjoy our area our excellent wines. We are confident that they have not been indifferent. "

The ceremony was also attended by the Delegate of Agriculture Cuenca, D. Manuel Julián Order del Pozo, and other authorities, who supported with their presence this pioneering initiative of the Denomination of Origin Cuenca. "The fact that the Delegate has come here to clothe our initiative has been very successful for us. From here we show our appreciation, on behalf of all who make up the Designation of Origin Ribera del Júcar, because when one is out of house is very encouraging to have the backing of the regional government, "said Javier Prosper.

This presentation is part of a campaign of actions the Designation of Origin Ribera del Júcar being conducted with over 2009 years. The Denomination of Origin participated in the 8 th Meeting Verema held in February in Madrid as a sponsor, and is conducting a series of actions through the web to promote themselves as emerging wine region on the national scene and to maximize the knowledge of wines and wineries.

The wineries in Valencia presented were:

- Cooperativa Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno
- Bodegas la Pañoleta Roja
- ELVI Wines
- Eco-Bodega La Morenilla
- S.Coop. Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza
- "La Magdalena", Sdad. Coop.
- "San Ginés" Sdad. Coop.
- Bodegas y Viñedos Illana
- Purísima Concepción

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