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Glossary of the wine world.

Anécdotas y curiosidades

Anécdotas y curiosidades

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Sometimes despite being fond of wine and have a gourmet taste for good wines, some lack the skills to not get lost in a conversation about the world of wine.

Or simply want to expand our vocabulary to be aware that "knowledge, does not take place." So then attached an extensive glossary of terms and celebrities related to the world of wine.

Today, and after several months, will cover all terms associated with the letter "A".


Moragona Vega.


Open: When the color is too light, it is very clear.
Abocado: Wine, without being sweet, has some sugary sensations. Synonym: holed.
Oily: Defect of wine acquires an oily, fatty.
Steel: Color white wines are pale and show small reflections of metallic appearance.
Acerbo: It is said that wine is both rough, tough and sour.
Ketones: It is said of that sweet aroma reminiscent of a little nail polish.
Fixed acidity: The acidity of a wine on the sum of the amount of fixed acids, both organic and mineral, found in its composition.
Total acidity: Sum of fixed acidity and volatile acidity. The degree of acidity of a wine affects its stability to aging (the higher the acidity, enhanced aging) as its freshness and color.
Volatile acidity: The concentration of free acids of the wine. If it is too high, the quality of the wine will suffer.
Aqueous: Wine lacking in nuance, as if it had been watered down.
Aggressive: Wine whose terms of flavor and / or invalidate the sensitivity of taste taster tasting to continue.
Sour wine that has a high volatile acidity (vinegar).
Aguado: Qualifying for a wine very weak in alcohol content, color, acidity and body.
Needle: Type of wine whose carbon dioxide content is sensitive to the palate and visible in the glass. This gas comes from its own fermentation and gives a pleasant spicy sensation. Mild stinging sensation in the mouth caused by some wines that contain bubbles of carbon dioxide.
Ahilan: It came with the disease called fat, which is seen as serving on the glass, forming wire falls as oil. See also Visco.
Smoky: Aroma and taste some wines acquire contact with the toasted barrels.
Sherry: That reminds sherry.
Albarizas: They are the best land, limestone type, to grow vines in Jerez. In Montilla alberes call this type of soil.
Albumin: Protein of animal origin used to clarify wine.
Alkaline: The condition of high pH wine showing muted color, aroma and slightly poor taste.
Alcohol: wine in which alcoholic content clearly perceived in the nose and palate. It is not considered a defect, just a feature of a wine that stands out for a scent of alcohol.
Aldehyde: alcoholic aroma that occurs in reserves when accompanied by a touch stale by oxidation of parenting.
Alejandro Fernández Pérez: Born in 1932 Pesquera del Duero, before winemaker and viticulturist, developed various trades and professions, among them was the inventor of a sugar beet harvester. But his passion was the wine, he learned to produce it from his father. For him one of the best grapes of the world is the tempranillo, with it, raised its first planting in 1972 and his first winery, becoming the master of the Spanish tempranillo. Fishing reds have been since the 80's a role model for other growers and winemakers.
Alvaro Palacios: It comes from a lineage Rioja winemaking. Studied enology in Bordeaux under the tutelage of Jean-Pierre Moueix of Pétrus. At 24 he announced in his house that wanted to start his own path in Tarragona. He settled in the village and sought Gratallops ideal vineyards to produce their own wines. Upon arrival at the Priory in 1989 and discover the breathtaking slopes of slate with some twisted vines of Grenache, had the idea of ​​making a great wine. With a tremendous effort, but with very clear ideas, took the oldest and best grenache grape vine cuttings, the Gratallops the Hermitage, one of the best wines of our country L'Ermita.
Kind: Wine is very fruity and spend good balance, and can sometimes be somewhat doomed and are very pleasant tasting.
Bitter taste that is appreciated in particular the back of the tongue. Not to be confused with the taste of tannin or metallic tastes.
Amber: Color of some white wines reminiscent of amber.
Amontillado: amber Fortified wine, and sharp hazelnut aroma, smooth and full on the palate, dry, with an alcohol content of about 18% vol.
Amoscatelado: Wine with scent of Muscat grape variety.
Broad: It is said that wine is full, full and rich in nuances.
Animal (series): Aromas wines appearing on stage usually aged in bottle. Remember the leather, wet fur, hunting.
Anis: To taste or smell reminiscent of anise.
Anthocyanins, phenolic pigments found primarily in red grapes that gives color to the wine.
Vintage: The year the harvest has taken place from which wine is made. Synonyms: harvest, harvest.
Vintage: Wine that has undergone a process of aging in barrel or bottle, or both, for at least three years. Synonym: old wine.
Burning: Wine pseudotérmica caused a sensation in the mouth, caused by the dehydrating effect of alcohol in excess.

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Glossary of the wine world. |
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