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Ribera del Jucar D.O, better quality this year

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As we said the president, Javier Prósper

The D.O. Júcar Bank expects more grape quality over last season

The Designation of Origin Ribera del Júcar has begun its campaign to harvest with positive forecasts translate into more quality grapes over last season and, in general, more production, also taking the particular case of each the wineries of the DO In particular vintage was early this year about a week, ten days due to high temperatures and low rainfall.

Explains president D.O. Júcar Ribera, Javier Prosper, "we expect more production than last year and better quality, as in the previous season the cold months of May-June resulted in a significant loss of the crop, but as it develops the vintage necessary to analyze the particular case of each of our warehouses. "

To this must be added that, "this year the weather has been normal, and heat and low humidity have made the health of the grapes is excellent because they have not proliferated fungi or diseases typical of this fruit ".

The Magdalena, first to begin the harvest

The first winery in the D.O. Ribera del Júcar to start the harvest has been the Magdalena, Casas de Haro (Cuenca) issued?? Vega Moragona??, Whose data, at the beginning of it, agree on many points with the provisions offered by Javier Prosper.

As stated in the warehouse manager, Julian Carter, "we have begun to harvest this Monday, August 24" to coincide with the estimates of Prosper, the beginning of harvest in La Magdalena has advanced about ten, twelve days prior to last season.

The winery has initiated the gathering of the white varieties, particularly that of small grain muscat, which was about to mature.

Then be passed to the inks and the first to be collected cencibel variety of old vines (vines that are over 30 years), followed by Merlot and other varieties.

Julian Carter says that in terms of production, will be reduced by about 15% compared to last season, mainly due to the start of the vineyard, as to which some members have availed of La Magdalena, "this must be add the weather, which cause the crop is shorter. "

The conditions and the quality of the grapes will be very good, coinciding with the claims of Javier Prosper, who has said that the lack of rain and high temperatures have prevented the development of diseases of the grape.

Yes there is, as Julian said Carter, "a deep concern in the industry because we do not know how this campaign will be presented in terms of sales and prices, we are in a difficult position because they are prices that are below the cost of production ".

However, the D.O. Júcar Bank has had in the beginning of this campaign surplus problems in other areas have suffered, so did Javier Prósper corroborates, "in the Ribera del Júcar there is no surplus last year and has sold almost everything, so which we have not met with the disturbing fact that they have other areas of surplus wine, fortunately going to harvest the normal way and with very positive expectations. "

Casas de Benitez

But Javier Prosper makes an exception, and the town of Casas de Benitez (Cuenca) suffered a severe hail storm late last May, which caused heavy losses in the vine crops and razed most of the municipal "unfortunately the wine area Benitez Homes crop forecasts are very encouraging, because they saw how they lost about 80% of production."

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Ribera del Jucar D.O, better quality this year |
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