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The techniques most modern wine aging and barrel of the XXI Century

Developing the wine of the third millennium ...

La bodega con las barricas típicas...

La bodega con las barricas típicas...

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The world of wine is a living organism and as such, every day grows, evolves and adapts to the times you have to live

New this month, it introduced two new steps in the evolution of wine making:

The aging of wines under the sea water and the barrel square or the "third millennium".

Since early last year has been developing a project for the aging of wines under water.
The origin of this idea is found in Bajoelagua Factory, a Basque company that bases its business or activities related to the seabed. His works range from oceanographic studies to outreach workers. Now go further and dare with this new project seems to have been well received in the sector.
They decided to carry out this project because they have found whiskey bottles or jars or other beverages under the sea in various parts of the world and despite the passing years have been successful.

The aging time under water intended to be at least 6 months for some type will be one year and other bottles 2 years. This is to find the optimum point of maturity, bearing in mind that depending on the type of product will be different in each case.

To continue with the news, we should mention an innovative package that takes a few months on the market and explained that the technical properties (space, handling and storage) and ecological (more surface contact with the wine).

The barrel is a different bet square with no increase in the cost of which will be replaced in the future if the traditional round barrel or else it will be forgotten.

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The techniques most modern wine aging and barrel of the XXI Century |
Hannstar Lung

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