The excellence of the soil, climate, proper vintage and modern facilities to our wines are elegant, shiny, slightly astringent, gentle and profound, with a perfect balance of acidity and tonicity, so that color purple characteristic of the Ribera del Júcar.

Twentieth Century Gastronomy "Radio Turismo" 1997 Gold Medal for "Vega Tinto Cencibel Moragona 95"

Cuenca Wines 97 2 nd prize "Moragona Rosado Vega"

Cuenca Wines 97 3rd prize "Vega Moragona 97"

XI Contest wine quality bottled 3rd prize "Vega Moragona 97"

XII Competition for quality wine bottled 3rd prize "Vega Moragona 98"

Great Selection Contest 2000 (Agriculture and Environment Ministry) 3rd prize "Moragona Vega Crianza Red Wine 96"

Cuenca Wines 2000 

1st prize for best presentation at the Soc. "The Magdalena"

FERCAM 2000Silver Medal "Moragona Vega 98"

IV International Wine Competition Bacchus 2000 Silver Bacchus "Vega Crianza Moragona 96"

Cuenca Wines 2002 3rd prize for Soc. "The Magdalena" (Vega Moragona Book 98).

Cuenca Wines 2003 2 nd Prize "Tinto Crianza" Vega Crianza 1999 Moragona

Zarcillo Awards 2003 Bronze Zarcillo Moragona Vega Alta Selection 2000

International Wine Fair 2004 Silver Medal Moragona Vega Crianza 1999 Mancha

Palacio Awards 2004 Silver Medal 2003 Tempranillo Vega Moragona RJ

Cuenca Wines 2005 1st Prize "Vega Crianza Tinto Crianza 2000 Moragona RJ

II Contest Best V. La Tierra de Castilla 1st Prize The Ventica Rosado Rosado Wine 2005

VIII International Wine Competition Bacchus 2008 Silver Bacchus "Moragona Vega Crianza 2005" (Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon)

Cuenca Wines 2008 3 rd Prize Presentation to Moragona Vega Crianza Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon Crianza 2005

Cuenca Wines 2010 Silver Bacchus Tempranillo 2009 Red Vega Moragona.

Cuenca Wines 2011 Wines Red Book 2011 Bronze Moragona Vega Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon. 2005.

Finalist in the 2011 Golden Nose Spain's best winesVega Moragona Reserve Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon 2005.

I Spike Days in the Medieval town of Alarcón:

1 st Prize Moragona Vega Crianza 2008.

2 nd Prize Moragona Vega Tempranillo 2010.

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16611 Casas de Haro (Cuenca)

969 38 07 22

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